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Obtaining a loan can be tricky, at times, but did you know you can get a personalized car loan in our AV Used Car Factory to suit your needs? Because every car owner is different, the financing programs should reflect the need for flexibility and customization.



​We offer our BUY HERE/PAY HERE option.




0% APR Available

Come in and ask us about our 0% APR.




Financing a car can cause a lot of stress to the potential purchaser. It may seem difficult to qualify for the vehicle you want, but with the help of one of our team members, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can afford. A used car loan in Los Angeles can be obtained not only with solid credit but also with a stable income. If you need some creative financing options, it is a great idea to stop by the AV Used Car Factory and see the cars for sale.

By choosing the one you want and knowing your budgetary limitations, you will save time and hassle.

Rest assured that our financing department will keep your information safe and secure.

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